Smålandskavlen (26.10.2014)
Kategori: Konkurranse
Kart/område: High Chaparral
Land: Sweden
Disiplin: Relay
Etappe: 3
Distanse: 8.61 km
Tid: 60:39 HR: 180
Maksimum HR: 192
Started quite well although some hestitation into #1. Lost about 9 minutes around 3rd and 4th controls due to my cognitive inflexibility causing me to not understand that the control numbers of these controls were switched around on the map with the number 3 beside the circle for my 4th control and vice versa. Struggled to put this out of my head and refocus to #5. Gigantic error to #6 (~7 min). My attention was still mostly on berating myself for the time loss incurred being confused by the organisers' little trick at 3 & 4. Other than these two epic fails, my race was in the upper range of my current technical skill and ability with my best physical shape since the Spring after a week of mostly resting up in order to finish my 2014 season on a high... :)
"Bad luck is a concept created by the weak to explain their failures" (Ron Swanson).
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Smålandskavlen (26.10.2014) Smålandskavlen (26.10.2014)