Micro 2 (N9 9/9) (22.01.2015)
Kategori: Trening
Kart/område: Høiås 1:2500
Distanse: 2.04 km
Tid: 35:27
Gj.sn. HR: 118
Maksimum HR: 144
Very unsatisfying end to Night 9. Very tired both mentally & physically (legs) so just jogged down to walk one of the micro sprint courses from a couple of weeks ago. A combination of the strange scale and moving so slowly made it difficult to get into the map. Really struggled in the beginning and totally lost it in the middle. Relocated by finding 10 and managed to do the last few OK. Bit sad / irritated to finish Night 9 on a low like this with a 'session' that I got very little out of. Clearly need a bit of rest now. Gjort er gjort, spist er spist. Night 9 *bonus track* in a couple of days when I am refreshed enough to do it justice. For now glad this is over. Has been interesting and has got me out doing more tech training than I otherwise would have done but Night 9 has also flown a bit in the face of my 'training by feel' concept. Overall definitely glad I did it. Sometimes you have find your limits by going over them a bit.
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Micro 2 (N9 9/9) (22.01.2015) Micro 2 (N9 9/9) (22.01.2015)