Portugal O Meeting Day 1 (14.02.2015)
Kategori: Trening
Kart/område: Mira Dunes
Arrangør: POM
Land: Portugal
Distanse: 6.53 km
Tid: 44:17
Gj.sn. HR: 174
Maksimum HR: 187
Coming back from illness. 1st 'real' training effort. We decided I should try doing 40 min without pushing physically but try to be really focused on the technical stuff like having good direction. Managed this quite well and REALLY HAPPY to be (sort of) back in business. Did 44 minutes instead of 40 so as to finish at a control (c9). Ran 'flytfart' i3-ish which was maybe very slightly faster than I was supposed to due to it being really easy terrain. HR is a bit elevated anyway after the illness. RHR is still about 7-10 beats higher than normal so need to be pretty careful, see how I recover from day to day and not do anything too hard or too long for a while. Still, really fun. :)
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Portugal O Meeting Day 1 (14.02.2015) Portugal O Meeting Day 1 (14.02.2015)