Nordjysk 1 (14.03.2015)
Kategori: Konkurranse
Kart/område: Hammer bakker
Land: Danmark
Disiplin: Langdistans
Distanse: 10.15 km
Tid: 71:59 HR: 171
Maksimum HR: 184
First race of the season! Fun! Very scrappy. Quite a lot of smaller mistakes especially at the beginning, silly route choice to 7, straight up a big wall of pain instead of around, big mistake to 11, did not have a good picture and searched control for 2 min... the second half I just got really tired and was basically just trying to stay alive. Could not find the second last control which was beside a path because I misread my control description probably because I could barely see from the pain of being so tired.. Pleased that I managed to make myself suffer physically but technically I lost at least some seconds doing something quite basic quite wrong on almost every control even though the orienteering was very simple. Oops.
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Nordjysk 1 (14.03.2015) Nordjysk 1 (14.03.2015)