Nordjysk 2 (15.03.2015)
Kategori: Konkurranse
Kart/område: Hammer bakker
Land: Danmark
Disiplin: Mellomsdistans
Distanse: 4.69 km
Tid: 30:21 HR: 171
Maksimum HR: 187
A little better today, a mostly clean race. A couple of 30 sec mistakes, got confused by the vegetation to 4 and lost confidence and then to 9 I was not ahead of myself enough and did not have a good enough picture. Apart from that it is just small things where I could be sharper with entries and exits and take better micro rout choices by understanding the terrain better, like my exit from 5, a line to the left would have been shorter and faster. Again I enjoyed trying to push myself very hard physically. Would need a few more sessions in continental terrain to sharpen up those technical things. It is lots of fun to start the season trying to race here though and very good physical training to race such 'simple' courses on such fast terrain where you can push hard all the way. Fornøyd! :)
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Nordjysk 2 (15.03.2015) Nordjysk 2 (15.03.2015)