Kvillebyns Klassiska (29.03.2015)
Kategori: Konkurranse
Kart/område: Hamburgsund-Jored
Arrangør: Kvillebyns SK
Land: Sweden
Distanse: 9.54 km
Tid: 82:21
Gj.sn. HR: 153
Maksimum HR: 175
Having a lot of problems with the fine phase. Rough phase mostly OK apart from some dubious route choices and a weird lapse in concentration / direction to 4. Also had trouble picking routes. Several places I could have run more direct routes, like into 5 & 9 (could have taken more direct / offensive lines on 2nd half of both those legs). Terrain is quite brutal and you get seriously punished for small lapses & ineffective control entries including not reading the control descriptions. Need to work a lot on fine phase routines, was having big problems with this at Day Cup last week as well. At 1:15000 it is hard work to read the details so I got lazy sometimes and tried to wing it, which almost never worked. +ves? Seem to be getting a bit stronger physically and mentally, having more fun, more energy. Just still having trouble directing this energy into getting around the course...
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Kvillebyns Klassiska (29.03.2015) Kvillebyns Klassiska (29.03.2015)