Tiomila damkavlen (09.05.2015)
Kategori: Konkurranse
Kart/område: Skepptuna
Arrangør: 10MILA
Land: Sverige
Disiplin: Staffet
Etappe: 3.
Distanse: 7.45 km
Tid: 44:49
A generally well-paced and well-executed effort. Invested some time in security all the way, tried to find simple solutions to each leg, largely ignored everyone else around me but used their prescence & pace for adrenaline & extra focus. I had written on my hand: "You control your race" my other 'concepts' were to stay in the present and trust my skills and instincts (about route choices etc) and I think all these ideas helped me a lot. From changeover to startkite I ran hard but controlled, tried to stay relaxed and look a bit at the course shape & first control. To first control I use the path a bit then compass and hill shape. Everything looks moreorless how I expect and this calms me that the map will be good. I vaguely notice that there are a lot of girls running very fast and probably outside of their fitness and o skills. I am confident that they will fade away and I can let my orienteering do the talking. Already working hard physically but feel strong and comfortable. On the way to 2 I start to burn past people, again I keep it very simple and use the field, big hill shape and compass. To 3 I deliberately stay on the main spur and go over small bumps to keep the nav very simple. 4 is just transport. 5 is my first 'mental wobble' because the first part of the leg I am paying too much attention to the others and my compass and do not have control on the map. I catch this mental drift and make sure that I have full control as I cross the 2nd field, forcing myself to go to the path junction and get everything completely under control the 2nd half of the leg to 5. The section through 6-7-8-9 is tricky and this is when I make a few small mistakes. I am also investing quite a lot in security here so it is annoying to also make small mistakes (~3 x 15sec?) but it reminds me to KEEP FOCUSING and keep doing the work of the orienteering!! The long leg back to 11 I use the paths and a yellow ride as much as possible and try to run hard but also never completely switch off from having map contact. On the way into 11 I make sure that I see the hill shapes and large boulders so I am totally confident and not just chancing it on compass alone. I am suddenly aware that there are some faster orienteers around me by this point so I know that I have probably caught up some places but I still don't really trust them and make sure I know what I am doing myself all the time. This seems to be a good tactic anyway as it helps me to run through this whole group without difficulty. The last couple of controls seem to pop up fairly effortlessly and then I push as hard as possible all the way in until Lizzie has her map in her hand. Massive relief at download because I had pushed away a tiny niggling doubt about whether I really heard the beep & seen the flash at the 4th control when there were lots of people punching at the same time & some onlookers (/camera?). I am not super confident about SI punching as I don't use it often and there is no back up. Huge relief and satisfaction to deliver a 'godkjent' etappe for HSK2!
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Tiomila damkavlen (09.05.2015) Tiomila damkavlen (09.05.2015)