Downs & UPS (28.05.2015)
Kategori: Trening
Kart/område: Høiås
Distanse: 7.46 km
Tid: 60:03 HR: 159
Maksimum HR: 191
Easy dh orienteering (ingenting utsatt) with 3* uphill running efforts. Feeling Olympic. Uphill efforts: road 3:26 (avHR 185 mx 191), road 3:20 (av HR 184 / mx 190), sti 3:59 (av HR 177 / mx 185). Called it a day after 3 loops based on my inspirational 'undertraining is better than overtraining' philosophy. Orienteering-wise it was a good challenge to try to be clean & smooth after the uphill efforts. This used to be a favourite session of mine at Skjøla/ Vassfjellet in Trondheim. I did make a few small mistakes when my mind started to wander but in general getting my O process working OK and at least a bit ahead of myself. The grass is getting up now so Høiåsmarka is getting extra heavy for those who are preparing for Glen Affric.
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Downs & UPS (28.05.2015) Downs & UPS (28.05.2015)