Guy Fawkes / Atomen (05.11.2015)
Kategori: Trening
Kart/område: Høiås
Arrangør: Emil
Disiplin: Night
New pen, new inspiration. Working on plan and compass (frequency) for 40 min with a short break at the 4th control to refocus. Having some trouble staying focused on the task like at HDNC#1 on Tuesday night but this time slower and less accurate (the competition element of HDNC gives me something extra) which led to fewer 1s. 3/9 for Execution (10/18 on Tuesday night). 3/5 Effort 4/5 Enjoyment = overall 53% sneaking a passing grade. It is my first week back training and only my 2nd session so in that context I am quite satisfied. At this stage the most important thing is that the enjoyment and motivation for improvement are both present.
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Guy Fawkes / Atomen (05.11.2015)