Thursday Night (14.01.2015)
Kategori: Training
Kart/område: Holyrood Park
Arrangør: Mark Nixon
Land: Scotland
Disiplin: Windows
Distanse: 6.26 km
Tid: 61:51
Motivated by the Night Week in Halden, I have decided to try my own Night Week in parallel from here in Edinburgh :) This small windows course was really fun and quite tricky because all the controls were up or down diagonal slopes, and the north lines had been erased in places. Small canes with tape set out. Quite happy with how this went in general, except #7 when I didn't check my direction after climbing down a small crag directly after the control and I got pulled off when I saw another green bush which I thought was the control feature. The corridor section started well but it was extremely windy once I got up on top of Whinny hill so I decided to cut back and leave the rest of the corridor for next time.
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Helen : Go Jo! You are such a legend doing your own Night Week in Edinburgh. Keep up the good work! :)
Jo Shepherd : Thanks Helen :)
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Thursday Night (14.01.2015) Thursday Night (14.01.2015)