Tuesday Night (19.01.2015)
Kategori: Training
Kart/område: Edinburgh City/Southside
Distanse: 4.11 km
Tid: 26:26
Gj.sn. HR: 140
Maksimum HR: 156
Night week training #6. Straight after intervals so feeling pretty tired. Took it at an easy pace and tried to focus on knowing my route to the next control before I reached each control. I didn't plan #5 or #13 very well and chose bad routes but other parts of it went relatively ok and I held my concentration better than I expected given I'd just done intervals. Building works prevented me reaching #7 and #8. Stomach feeling a bit churned after the speedwork so headed back after #13. Probably won't try orienteering straight after intervals again in the near future but it was good to experiment :)
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Eva: You are tough, Jo, doing the night week on your own. Thumbs up! The dinner will be served at my place when you come to Halden at the end of February. One more session to go. We will be thinking about you when going to the onsdagsnatt toning.
Jo Shepherd : Thanks for the great idea to do a night week! Looking forward to seeing you all and being back in Halden again soon :)
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Tuesday Night (19.01.2015) Tuesday Night (19.01.2015)