Iddefjordfjella long legs (02.03.2015)
Kategori: Training
Distanse: 8.31 km
Tid: 103:18 HR: 146
Maksimum HR: 171
The long legs course that was used in NW 2.0 but in daylight. Eva shadowed me and we stopped to discuss route choices at each control. Running at an easy pace. Some of the things we discussed:

#1: Possibly quicker to use the small paths more, especially if it means you can be certain to avoid the cliffs on downhills and run faster on the uphills. Some of the narrow rides aren't very distinct or good underfoot though. I climbed unnecessarily when coming into the control.

#2: Think this was a fairly good route. Should have headed straight up to the path from the control and perhaps could have saved time if I climbed the second hill where I hit it rather than turning left and running below the crags in the green. It is important to have good compass approaching the big reentrant before the control to avoid the crags.

#3: Fine.

#4: I thought I was higher than I was. Eva said this kind of control it is good to check exactly how many contour lines you need to climb.

#5: This has the potential to be a good route but I messed it up in the middle. Getting to the powerline was quick but I changed my route when I came to the field, thinking I couldn't cross it, then got ahead of myself and almost climbed that hill near the field but Eva stopped me. The last part of the leg went well.

#6: Getting to the path was a bit slow - possibly faster to continue up the side reentrant from the marshy reentrant. Good line into control.

#7: The straight option would possibly be quicker on this control. On the route I took, I should have gone to the track more directly and also been more careful going into the control and looked for the boulder near the marsh to guide me in. I was a bit to the right and it would be easy to lose a lot of time on this type of control. We went back to look at the boulder in the marsh and attack the control a second time.

#8: Fine.

#9: Possibly a more direct route would be quicker to this control too. Dropping to the track meant losing height to just climb again immediately.

Fantastic training, thanks Eva :)
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Iddefjordfjella long legs (02.03.2015)