SOL 1 (Scottish Orienteering League) (07.03.2015)
Kategori: Competition
Kart/område: Gullane
Distanse: 12.61 km
Tid: 82:08 HR: 164
Maksimum HR: 177
Not the best start - hadn't expected such a short first control and didn't take the time to read the map carefully enough. Legs also feeling quite heavy for some reason (perhaps because I've been forgetting to drink much water recently) but I just told myself I would find a rhythm sooner or later and tried to focus on staying in the moment. Some pretty cool and unique control sites on the first half of the course. Struggled a bit with reading the contours at #9 and #10. Found a bit more flow in the second half of the course but still a few small errors. On #20 I changed my route at the last second and didn't have a good picture of the circle; I exited #25 to the wrong side of the bush and missed a path section; and I think that I should have cut to the path sooner after #26. Good fun though, shame it just felt like I never found my racing legs or head today.
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SOL 1 (Scottish Orienteering League) (07.03.2015)