TTT (02.12.2015)
Kategori: Training
Kart/område: Håkenby
Arrangør: EJ
Land: Norge
Disiplin: LD
Distanse: 11.07 km
Tid: 88:32 HR: 163
Maksimum HR: 178
Really fun! One of my best performances and nice to remind myself that I can orienteer well - just need to figure out how to orienteer like this every time! Focused on having good contact approaching the controls, using the contours and picking out the key features. When things didn't seem as I expected, I slowed down or stopped and gave myself time to think where I was last sure of my location and remember what I'd seen since then - I have to remember that a few extra seconds can save a lot of time! Felt like I had good flow and compass direction. A bit annoyed to mess up the last control - I guess I let my focus slip near the end. But still - a lot of positives to take from this training :)
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TTT (02.12.2015)