Arez (11.02.2016)
Kategori: Training
Distanse: 7.01 km
Tid: 52:46 HR: 137
Maksimum HR: 158
Middle distance course at Arez. Small mistakes on #4 (stopped too early), #7 (hard to tell the difference between the boulders from the knoll), #15 (planned to go straight but there were too many bramble bushes between the steep-sided rocks and had to make a large detour - should have gone round to the left) and #17 (didn't go far enough and mixed two cliffs in my head). But apart from that I was quite happy that I managed to slow down to read the detail when I needed to and tried to remember to keep looking ahead. Need to use the control descriptions more next time.
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Arez (11.02.2016)