5int (24.11.2017)
Kategori: Training
Kart/område: Kjølasjøn
Distanse: 11.25 km
Tid: 114:02
Gj.sn. HR: 140
Maksimum HR: 166
New map! Eva was shadowing me and we focused on trying to simplify the leg and run straight on the compass just picking up the key features. Good to contrast my other recent trainings when I've been trying to focus on close contact the whole way. Legs were feeling a bit heavy from spinning yesterday which made it more of a challenge! Had 1 or 2 shaky controls on all intervals but definitely learnt a lot. On the last interval Eva asked me to describe what I was seeing on the map & ground as we ran - the difference was quite clear between the legs where I had a plan and those where I tried to delay making my plan. It was also really good when Eva would ask me what the control feature was on mid-way through the leg - made me realise that I often don't look at what's in the control circle until I'm more or less there - perhaps that has something to say about why most of my mistakes tend to be at the very end of the leg..
Really good training.
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5int (24.11.2017)