Skallhult (09.06.2018)
Kategori: Training
Distanse: 7.96 km
Tid: 49:52
Race-like training with emit and startlist (Jukola test for the guys). I had quite a lot of difficulty on the first control! I think the problem was that my picture of the control circle did not match what I saw on the ground. It seemed very strange to me. Even though I knew I'd lost more than 4minutes already on the 1st control, I tried to keep fighting. I took a safer option on 2 by going to the better visibility. Controls 3- 6 went ok and I built up some confidence again. On 7 I decided to take the route choice to the left and I think it was faster. 8 &9 went fine but I didn't have the best route on 10. I think it was much better to take the path route to the right. (Control 11 was not on the women's course). I also lost some time on my route choice to control 14. It was much faster to go straight. Even though I didn't have the best feeling on this training I think it gave a lot of insight about the best route choices for this terrain type and I could at least take some confidence from being able to put the mistake behind me and keep fighting.
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Skallhult (09.06.2018)