Fagersana Contour-only (10.06.2018)
Kategori: Training
Distanse: 10.2 km
Tid: 109:20
This training did not have tapes or kites in the forest. Already on the way to the first control I was thinking that this training would be nearly impossible but then I came to a knoll on my compass and realised there was a depression behind it like I was expecting for the first control! So I decided to try the contour-only for a few more controls... in the end I stayed on the contour-only until control 24 when I needed to find a path back to the car. The training went surprisingly ok - though I was running very slowly! I had some difficulty on control 12 but managed to work it out. However it seems that I went to the wrong depression for 15 without realising. It felt to me that the form-line contours around 18 required a bit of imagination and I had to go back to convince myself that I had been in the correct place. Controls 19-24 felt really tough because they were all partly in the green or very rough open and without the paths or vegetation on the map I couldn't really avoid it. Another good training: total of 5h45 and 40km of orienteering training this weekend :)
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Fagersana Contour-only (10.06.2018)