Pan-Vaaren Medeldistans 2016 (05.03.2016)
Kategori: Competition
Kart/område: Aspet-Yngsjo
Arrangør: Pan Kristianstad
Land: Sweden
Disiplin: Medel
Distanse: 4.08 km
Tid: 22:25
Hmm.... small mistake to #3, big mistake to #5 and again finally at #9.

#3 I didn't follow my compass.
#5 I thought I was running to #6 instead of #5 so started to run that leg before realising. Lost maybe a minute or so.
#9 I followed a path not on the map by accident, stopped a depression to early and lost about 2.5mins running around like whaaaat is happening.

Otherwise it was okay.
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Pan-Vaaren Medeldistans 2016 (05.03.2016) Pan-Vaaren Medeldistans 2016 (05.03.2016)