Vaarsprinten2014 H18E (13.03.2016)
Kategori: Training
Kart/område: Halden Centrum
Arrangør: Halden SK
Land: Norge
Disiplin: Sprint
Distanse: 3.22 km
Tid: 13:08 HR: 179
Maksimum HR: 189
I was okay.
Big mistake to #2 with my routechoice letting me lose about 10s.
MP to #6 but my map quality was so poor I didn't realise I couldn't go accross the olive green to attack the control. Would like to think that with a clearer map I wouldn't have done that.
Huge routechoice error to #8 where I planned to take the quicker option of the bottom bridge but somehow changed my mind once I'd left the control.... Annoying. (26s lost)

Other than that quite happy. Quite okay race!
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Vaarsprinten2014 H18E  (13.03.2016) Vaarsprinten2014 H18E  (13.03.2016)