Kvillebyns Klassiska (03.04.2016)
Kategori: Competition
Kart/område: Halle
Arrangør: Idefjordens SK
Land: Sweden
Disiplin: Long
Distanse: 8.66 km
Tid: 63:30
Took this easy as being training. Focusing on running cleanly.

Very poor to #1. Saw another guy in the forest looking lost and that made me stop to early. Then I was a bit all over the place but got there eventually.

Happy with #2/#3. Executed well.

Think I lost time to #5 because I was unsure of where I was on top of the hill and then initially came down the cliffs to far to the left. I then relocated and came back to the right and then came down where I wanted to. Okay after that.

Not sure if I took the best route to #7 - I was slow in the crap at the bottom of the hill and then came out and up the hill to the east of where I wanted to be. Getting tired at this point.

Very poor into #8. When I left the path I was so tired and my direction went all over the place. Was so unsure of where I was for a while.

Good to #9.

Bad to #10 as I tried to come down the crags (didn't see them!) and then took the path around the field rather than just running straight through it.

Reasonably happy with this though. Was clean into and out of most of the controls just my route choice and direction needing fixed.
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Kvillebyns Klassiska (03.04.2016) Kvillebyns Klassiska (03.04.2016)