Ostfoldsprinten 2016 loop1 (20.04.2016)
Kategori: Training
Kart/område: Tusenmeterskogen
Arrangør: Gimle IF
Land: Norway
Disiplin: Forest sprint
Distanse: 1.05 km
Tid: 7:31
Taken easy as running hill intervals after. Awful to #2 (lack of compass, thinking, common sense) and never hit the path to my left on the way to #4 but okay!
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Cheeky m8: I wonder why you never hit the path to your left to #4. Hmmm... Maybe cuz you were too far to the right???
Not so cheeky: Oh really? Now you say it it makes more sense now ;)
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Ostfoldsprinten 2016 loop1 (20.04.2016) Ostfoldsprinten 2016 loop1 (20.04.2016)