Norweigan Spring Middle (23.04.2016)
Kategori: Competition
Kart/område: Skarefjell
Arrangør: Halden SK
Land: Norway
Disiplin: Middle
Distanse: 5.28 km
Tid: 34:08
Reasonably happy with this result. Lots of minor mistakes but no big major problems! #1 I was a little of line to and hit the path behind before bouncing back into the control (10s). #2 I was really slow to and a little bit unsure of where I was. Too far left also (10s). #3 I was pretty awful too by taking the risky option of just straight and missing it down the cliff. Overshot it and realised eventually... (45s). #4 I was okay to just a bit shakey after my poor start. #5 I was quite good too, maybe not pushing as much as I could have but check how straight my line was :D. Took a poor RC to #6, should have gone more straight but the big hills scared me into going around... (30s). Got pretty close to #7 but was above it. Stopped, looked around, ahh there it is (20s). No problems with #8. Coming back over to #9 I was a little high. Took me a few seconds to realise(20s)!! Really unsure as to where I was so slowed right down as I came over to #10... Ok split though(5s)! Poor to #11 as I was worried I was going to overshoot it again and I kinda did miss it by a little amount (10s). #12 was going really well until I lost confidence in myself near the control. Should have just believed in my compass (30s) :( #13 I was really bad to as I lost control over my route and was so worried I'd completely miss it. Found it eventually (30s). Alright around the rest with minimal wobbles (5s).
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Norweigan Spring Middle (23.04.2016) Norweigan Spring Middle (23.04.2016)