Scottish Champs 2016 (24.05.2016)
Kategori: Competition
Kart/område: Balmoral
Arrangør: Maroc
Land: Scotland
Disiplin: Long
Distanse: 9.89 km
Tid: 80:40 HR: 159
Maksimum HR: 193
Took quite easy. Lost confidence near the end with #1 even though my line was quite okay. Then took it slow and was good around until #9 where my bearing was a bit off. #11 when I cba to map read and just ran down the hill (mind wasn't in the right place ahh) and finally #15 where I wasn't paying much attention.

Taking it easy but even still I wasn't thinking much and all felt quite tired walking most of the hills.
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Scottish Champs 2016 (24.05.2016) Scottish Champs 2016 (24.05.2016)