Scottish Relay Champs 2016 (24.05.2016)
Kategori: Competition
Kart/område: Balmoral
Arrangør: Maroc
Land: Scotland
Disiplin: Relay
Etappe: 1
Distanse: 5.64 km
Tid: 40:18 HR: 168
Maksimum HR: 193
Going really quite well despite feeling awful physically and mentally before hand... Just behind Spongey but ahead of Tam, Jamie Stevenson and others....

Then at #10 I thought I was at #11 for some reason?? Hit a really good bearing out towards where I thought #12 was but despite the completely different area managed to make everyhting fit just perfectly. Proceeded to get completely lost before crawling back to the finish missing the final loop to try give the other two in me team some racing experience........ AWFUL.
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Scottish Relay Champs 2016 (24.05.2016) Scottish Relay Champs 2016 (24.05.2016)