Sunday (10.06.2016)
Kategori: Training
Distanse: 6.42 km
Tid: 74:43 HR: 131
Maksimum HR: 175
Training on a black and white map.
1 good. Getting used to the huge valleys and stuff.
2. Decided to see how easy it was to go straight - the green stripes in the open was okay and able to smash through but the dark green? Virtually impenetrable. Got a bit lost from my attackpoint but eventually stumbled on the feature.
3. Really difficult to follow the overgrown ride and thought more had been introduced since the map was last updated. Eventually hit the big track and relocated. Hit the control relatively nicely.
4. Tried to go through the green again - this time to more success. (the valley floor was green and bad runability). Managed to pick up the light green and then the white which was fast. The control site (green stripes and yellow) was horrendously overgrown and spiky!!
5. Didn't want to run on the valley floor so tried to keep my height.... Ended up in the field at the top.... Oops. Missed the path back down and had a horrible time trying to break through the green. Once I hit the valley floor though it was good.
6. Initially planned to go around the north path.... A couple of hungry dogs and a fence scrapped that plan. Went South and navigated quite well. Skirted around the huge valley just before the control - was a good idea.
7. Ended up going through 8. The other side of the valley (yellow and green stripes) looked awful to run through so actually think I chose the fastest route still (except for maybe hitting the path right South but that's cheating). From 8 I was nailing the leg until I lost confidence in my height and bailed to the west of the control. Lost direction bailing through some unmapped green and then some actual green.
8. Went to as I'd already pretty much ran the leg to 8. Generally okay. Path was okay and hit a ditch at the bottom but cba to go the whole way down.
9. Enjoyed this keg and hit the paths nicely. Gutted I just missed the control but it was pretty hard to find. The ride through the green stripes was v hard to find.
10. Basically was nailing the leg until a big fence and a new huge section of yellow appeared out of nowhere and threw me. The control circle was actually in the middle of this new area.
11. Cute little grave stone in the spooky polish forest. Successful control.
12. Absolute effort to get to the finish. Such a deep valley.
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Sunday (10.06.2016)