Monday Morning (10.06.2016)
Kategori: Training
Distanse: 6.81 km
Tid: 114:40 HR: 140
Maksimum HR: 178
Area right next to the race map.

1. Pretty basic - compass from path - hit control. Huge knoll, looked more like an ancient burial mount and was taller than me.
2. Challenge dad to a RC. He took the path route to the right and I tried straight. Waaay to much grot for me to run straight though ended up crawling down the valley and reached the control a while after my dad much to his amusement. Almost missed it as well.
3. Again, dad on the path, me straight. I failed. Couldn't follow the tiny paths and got hopelessly lost before fighting my way around the top of the re-entrant. Tough stuff but eventually hit the control (though guess who was waiting for me..... Crushed me). The green had an acceptable runnability and there was a distinct change between the dark and light green.
4. Generally pretty good right up until when I missed the control. The root stock was more a tiny root stump than anything else. You can imagine I was a little surprised when I hit the path.......
5. Good compass, good runnability, good work.
6. Cheeky path it leg more to set up a nice RC on the next control. No problems with following the paths.
7. Dad tried to punch through to the left, I took the right option (straight was virtually impossible). Executed well. Lots of deep valleys as I came across them just after I left the path. Crushed dad by minutes on this as he came crawling back telling me he couldn't take his route as the green was horrible. Probably fair enough.
8. Nicely executed around the top of the valleys and in. Seriously fast runnability.
9. Loved this leg - pushed hard and ran fast but stayed in control the whole way. Mixture of compass and contours helped me spike it. (note - contours are BIG in Poland). Ran past to catch dad who'd completely missed it ;)
10. Again - ran pretty well. No reason not to go straight. The white and green stripes isn't actually to bad.
11. Nice straight line that's what I likeeee. Missed the root stock but realised and ran back pretty soon after.
12. Again nice and straight, nice and simple. Nailed it.
Finish. Good until I hit the unpenetrable, unmapped area just beside the road. Lol.
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Monday Morning (10.06.2016)