Monday Evening (10.06.2016)
Kategori: Training
Distanse: 5.86 km
Tid: 101:58 HR: 124
Maksimum HR: 175
1. Couldn't find the right path to go down then completely mucked up my height judgement. Found it eventually.
2. Very good and happy with this. Dad couldn't see properly and though it was on a pit ;) to be fair to him light was rapidly decreasing - it was getting pretty dark and was pretty late.
3. V happy with this - nailed it. The looping around was when half an hour later dad still hadn't appeared.... Went back to search and call for him. He'd misjudged the depth of the big valleys and counted a small one as a big one. They're all big but still it was quite funny.
4. Generally nailed the control until I cba going down and up onto the other side - it looked awful. Had to wait for dad for a bit though who'd actually mafe it to the other side by a very unorthodox route but decent effort.
5. Map was pretty awful around the control circle here.... Or maybe I just couldn't see anything anymore.... Or maybe both.
6. Never found the earthbank wall.... Map was really really weird here with lots of trenches and stuff everywhere.... And I couldn't see a thing.
Dad made us go back through the abandoned, destroyed, Russian command bunker... Very spooky indeed.....
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Monday Evening (10.06.2016)