Tuesday Morning (10.06.2016)
Kategori: Training
Distanse: 7.93 km
Tid: 87:39
Gj.sn. HR: 137
Maksimum HR: 174
Really enjoyed this area.
1. pretty basic around the path and in. Green pretty horrible.
2. Again, not too difficult - nice big square depression.
3. Was planning on going straight but once I'd got outta the green I was pretty much on the path anyway. Nicely nailed. Nice big root stock this time.
4. Getting through the yellow and green stripes was pretty horrendous but after that my compass held true and I got through the green nicely enough. Spiked the ditch.
5. Nice pay attention and follow the right paths leg. Think I chose a decent route. The valley was pretty deep. At the green this time there was a horrible amount of nettles and various other stinging plants... Stuck to the path. Managed to hit the depression first time which was nice. The other running around was to catch dad from running away to the wrong place and to confirm I was right.
6. Nice leg, straight was so runnable it was pointless trying to hit a path... Until the yellow which was really grown up and tough(more slow) to get through!!
7. Nice leg where I tried to go pretty straight. Near the end of the leg I think I started to lose concentration and drift a little bit... Not to bad though.
8. Nice route - managed to avoid all the yellow and green stripes which I think was good.
9. Almost missed it... Didn't think the path I had crossed was mapped but it was actually the important one. Saved myself just about. Straight was niceee until then.
10. Run straight, hit the paths, hit the control. Check.
11. Exploring another spooky old Russian bunker... In the light it wasn't so spooky but still very strange!
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Tuesday Morning (10.06.2016)