JWOC training 7 (sprint race) (10.08.2016)
Kategori: Training
Land: Finland
Distanse: 2.97 km
Tid: 13:54
Gj.sn. HR: 167
Maksimum HR: 191
Sprint training race. Did pretty well other than on a couple of controls. It was pretty technical at places which was quite fun.

Quite slow to #3... Mucked up my route choice to #5. Didn't see the control despite the fact I was standing on it for like 5s at #6. MP at 16 where I punched the girls control about 20m down the road. Basically in the right place though :(

On the long leg I lost quite a bit of time stopped at the top of the steps really confused and in a lot of oxygen debt! Lost 15s at the end to #20 when I ran past the control not seeing the little control on the floor.

Maybe 50s-1min lost in total.
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JWOC training 7 (sprint race) (10.08.2016) JWOC training 7 (sprint race) (10.08.2016)