Compass Sport Trophy (16.10.2016)
Kategori: Competition
Kart/område: Tankersley
Arrangør: SYO
Land: England
Distanse: 9.35 km
Tid: 54:12 HR: 173
Maksimum HR: 200
Generally solid run. Felt almost sprint like with all the small, twisty paths. Lost 3/4mins mostly on my route to #6 and on #28 where I thought I was a couple of controls ahead of where I actually was.

Started quite slowly and lost a reasonable chunk of time from being cautious early on. The more I got into the map the better my splits became.

Weird map!!!! Very different from the type of stuff I've been training on recently. Fun though.
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Compass Sport Trophy (16.10.2016) Compass Sport Trophy (16.10.2016)