Kristiansandsamling - Mellomdistanse (11.04.2017)
Kategori: Training
Kart/område: Uglebo
Land: Norway
Distanse: 6.19 km
Tid: 58:55 HR: 144
Maksimum HR: 173
A little oopsie moment to #2. Good from there through to #8 where none of the paths in the green actually made sense and was spat out in a random place at the bottom which confused me. Sort of corrected... eventually. To #9 I ran up an unnecessary hill annoyingly and was a bit silly with my compass into the control. Map looked really weird and was all felled near #14 so bailed and decided I'd done enough with JK in mind this weekend.
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Kristiansandsamling - Mellomdistanse (11.04.2017) Kristiansandsamling - Mellomdistanse (11.04.2017)