Norweigan Spring long (09.04.2017)
Kategori: Competition
Kart/område: Stikkaåsen Syd
Arrangør: Halden SK
Land: Norge
Disiplin: Long
Distanse: 12.13 km
Tid: 88:45 HR: 157
Maksimum HR: 183
Started well, lost about 20s to #4, little high, lost almost a minute to #4, eyes not open and thought I was further left than I actually was. Relatively good (if a bit slow and sluggish) over the next few controls and the at #10 it all went wrong with me losing a load of time (4mins?). Was good and on line but lost how far I'd run on the slope... Completely panicked and lost it. Ahh well. From here on I died and lost a lot of time, notably at 11,12,13, 20 and #21. A couple of good controls in there, #16 was alright and I was pretty happy with #17. Slooooooooow.
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Norweigan Spring long (09.04.2017) Norweigan Spring long (09.04.2017)