Mixed Relay (unofficial French Champ) (08.05.2014)
Kategori: Races
Kart/område: Le Quesnoy
Arrangør: TAD
Distanse: 3.73 km
Tid: 15:24
Heavy rain. Slippery. Ran 2nd leg. Sent nr2 a few seconds behind the lead. Took the lead immadiately after the start.
Missed the way to 4th : I went inside the passage but couldn't find the exit. Had to go out the read the map as it was dark inside. Saw that I needed to run left inside. So I did and so I continued. Lost maybe 20sec.
5th : 5sec, taking the wet and steep stairs wasn't smart.
7th : 5sec
9th : funny passages especially the second which had light and was going up. Think it was better to run left though.
16th : didn't see the passage west of 14th. It was certainly better.

I have the 3rd best time (+13sec compared to Lucas Basset). The team finished 2nd, 17sec after the winners.
Looking forward the tiny french "25-manna" (8 runners only) on Sunday, where we'll fight for victory again.
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Mixed Relay (unofficial French Champ) (08.05.2014) Mixed Relay (unofficial French Champ) (08.05.2014)