CFC 2014 (11.05.2014)
Kategori: Races
Kart/område: Locquignol
Arrangør: TAD
Etappe: Last leg
Distanse: 10.06 km
Tid: 47:08
Started 2nd, 1'40 behind the leader from the club NOSE.
3rd : big parallel mistake. Relocate but didn't see the control and lost more time. Was quite hidden in the water hole. The flag was just above the water level. 2min...
5th : the attack was quite hard because it was difficult to run straight due to a lot of undergrowth. Went very slowly on the last 100m.
6th : saw the leader punching it.
7th : took a look back on the road and saw the NOSE behind me. I never looked back after that.
11th : didn't understand the vegetation. I hit the path and knew already where to go since I had seen the 11th when I was running out of the start. 30sec lost.
I ran the second loop with care, knowing I was in the lead. No stress, just control. And big joy to finally meet my teammates in the run-in! 3rd time in a row!!!
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CFC 2014 (11.05.2014) CFC 2014 (11.05.2014)