Pinseløp dag 3 (09.06.2014)
Kategori: Races
Distanse: 8.3 km
Tid: 52:07
6 : 15"
7 : 30" (the circle is not well centered, but the control stands at the good place according to the definition, must read them a bit more).

Don't have yesterday's GPS track... Body not working properly this week-end (but still the best French :-D ). Very disappointed because I was feeling really good last week. Don't really understand what went wrong. It is hard to focus on the technique when you feel bad. Was not as fun as I expected, the terrain and the courses were really great but I couldn't enjoy it that much.
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Pinseløp dag 3 (09.06.2014) Pinseløp dag 3 (09.06.2014)