10mila 2015 (09.05.2015)
Kategori: Races
Etappe: 1st leg
Distanse: 14.64 km
Tid: 69:30
Came back 3rd. Good race, nice feeling to be in the front. Just a small stress toward 20.
Team finished 2nd behind Göteborg. Was close, but it is a good result!

Went all around on the 1st leg. 2nd at control 1.
In front (not always 1st, Merz was here) until 7th. Then a small group was in front (shorter forking) at 8. I pushed to come back behind Carl WK.
At 10, did a small mistake : Carl and I saw a control just behind us, but it was the boulder some meters before our control. We lost 10sec or so.
For the 12, I chose to use the path to make it safe. Lost some seconds but nothing crucial. Was back with Carl WK and Andreas Kyburz at 13. Could also see Jonas N there. Nice to to know that he was in the leading group too.
Very nice to be in front at the spectator control (we had the short forking). The rythm was OK toward 17. Runners behind gained some time on us.
1st at 19. Andreas went left (didn't see him) and I went for the straight option as I thought it would be possible to cross the green. But it was shitty. I can see on the GPS, that I made a small deviation already before the green... So I couldn't find the small path. Lost 1min!
To the 21, I was behind Jesper L and Milos M, I was in control even if I wasn't super confident. Arriving just before the contol, I understood the marsh but I didn't trust myself totally and went with the 2 others to the control on the small hill. I realised immediatly, Jesper also. I could see the group that was in front missing it even more, we were lucky. Then Jesper ran fast and not with a very good angle :-)
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10mila 2015 (09.05.2015) 10mila 2015 (09.05.2015)