Group Intervals (03.11.2012)
Kategori: Trainings
Kart/område: Akselås
Arrangør: Marcus Millegard
Land: Halden
Disiplin: Intervals
Distanse: 7.58 km
Tid: 51:09 HR: 148
Maksimum HR: 164
Ran with the HSK's finnish community : Mats Haldin and Aapo Summanen. A point system (you get 1 point when punching 1st a control, 2 points for the last control) made the starting list for each interval (the more points you have, the later you start). It was a good way to be sometimes in the front, sometimes behind.

Lost time to go to the 3rd, I wanted to climb the cliff but it wasn't possible and I had to find another option.
To 7th, it wasn't good at all to run on the marsh as it was really wet thanks to the rain of the last 3 weeks.
To 11th, I should have stayed higher in the slope.
To 12th, it must have been better to run closer to the red line.
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Group Intervals  (03.11.2012) Group Intervals  (03.11.2012)