Hoias Night Cup (23.11.2012)
Kategori: Races
Kart/område: Iddefjordfjella
Arrangør: Mats Haldin
Distanse: 7.49 km
Tid: 47:09
Course with gafling (the map doesn't correspond to my course). I had not the 1st control for example.
Good race in general, passing 1'40 at the finish (with Emil and Erik). I lost them because of a longer forking on 14th and couldn't close the gap after. Missed a bit 19th and it was 30sec faster to go left to go to 22nd.
Result : 6th, +4'19 behind Olav.
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Hoias Night Cup (23.11.2012) Hoias Night Cup (23.11.2012)