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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Fagersana Contour-only (10.06.2018)
This training did not have tapes or kites in the forest. Already on the way to the first control I was thinking that this training...
Skallhult (09.06.2018)
Race-like training with emit and startlist (Jukola test for the guys). I had quite a lot of difficulty on the first control! I thi...
Rankås Intro (09.06.2018)
This training was also without kites or tapes in the forest. Again my main focus was to keep good focus, map contact and compass. ...
Fagersana Intro (08.06.2018)
Focusing on good compass and map contact. No tapes or flags at the control sites. Went well in the beginning and managed to keep a...
LD (03.06.2018)
Neděle 3 červen 2018
Kategorie: Training
Another hot day! Good to get another good LD training done :) Really enjoyed it even though I was seriously gasping for a drink so...
LD (27.05.2018)
Neděle 27 květen 2018
Kategorie: Training
Very hot but enjoyable training :)
LD (13.01.2018)
Sobota 13 leden 2018
Kategorie: Training
MD (08.01.2018)
Pondělí 8 leden 2018
Kategorie: Training
MinoThor (03.01.2018)
Fun but freezing!