Prio-Tio staffet økt (16.04.2015)
Kategori: Trening
Kart/område: Høiås
Arrangør: HSK
Distanse: 7.71 km
Tid: 71:01 HR: 167
Maksimum HR: 187
Mass start 2 x 2.5 km forked intervals with trasevalg warm down back to Høiås. First hard økt since JK and struggled a bit on the first interval with postbom to #1 and bad direction in the green leaving #4. Apart from that it was really good with much better flow and control on the 2nd interval. Not pushing really hard physically, mainly focused on orienteering securely.
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Prio-Tio staffet økt (16.04.2015) Prio-Tio staffet økt (16.04.2015)