Nittedalsløpet (05.06.2016)
Kategori: Konkurranse
Kart/område: Varingskollen
Distanse: 12.44 km
Tid: 88:32
Long distance competition alongside Norwegian JWOC test. Really nice and tough terrain in first part, some denser second part and a finish to enjoy. My technical performance was however quite bad in this first nice part. Completely unable to cope with the map. Already first control was a surprise, no clue halfways to second control and even in the circle of number two I could still not believe I was there. Similar problems to 4 in the slope, rest was decent. Altough it was tough to get back in competition mood after such a disastrous start...
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Nittedalsløpet (05.06.2016) Nittedalsløpet (05.06.2016)