High Rigg (18.01.2016)
Kategori: Training
Arrangør: BOF
Land: United Kingdom
Distanse: 3.84 km
Tid: 29:56
Full pace training. Physically felt better than expected but had a rusty technique. (*cough* especially on #3 and #9 *cough*) Other than them I was running at a high pace though.
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Kjetil: Nice to see that you're back on track, Alex!
This terrain actually looks quite relevant to the terrain coming up in the Norwegian Champs junior relay in September :-)
Alex Carcas : Takk Kjetil, it felt good to be back running again!
Oh really? It is quite similar terrain to the JK long as well which is pretty useful. :)
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High Rigg (18.01.2016)