Mass Start (15.03.2016)
Kategori: Training
Kart/område: Halden Centrum
Land: Norway
Disiplin: Sprint
Distanse: 4.31 km
Tid: 17:31 HR: 174
Maksimum HR: 184
Mass start training with Haakon and Karl.

At the start I was trying to take weird RC's to mix things up. They just ended up being slower and wouldn't be what I would normally have chosen in a race. (e.g. 4,5,9).

This put me off the pace a little bit so I pushed harder and started to catch again. Poor RC to #12 though I think that going to the left would have been better but I didn't see the artificial wall until it was to late.

Completely missed out #15 by accident oops.

Ran straight through the artificial wall on my route to #24 oops annoying I didn't see it.

Quite good for the rest though.
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Mass Start (15.03.2016) Mass Start (15.03.2016)