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Velkommen til mitt digitale arkiv over kart og veivalg!

På denne siden vil jeg prøve å legge ut kart, løyper og veivalg fra orienteringsløp jeg har deltatt i.

Näsinge long distance training (01-06-2016)
Long training in hot weather. Managed the first half pretty decent but then physical and concentration level dropped significantly...
Erte O Intervaller (22-04-2016)
Sexta-Feira 22 Abril 2016
Erte Nord
Training for Norwegian Spring on the adjacent map. Nice terrain and beautiful weather and good execution in slow speed.
10mila training rerun (21-04-2016)
Quinta-Feira 21 Abril 2016
Rerun of the end of 10mila training after some short hill intervals. Surprisingly good even with a blurry sight and not the most r...
Relay intervals Akselås (01-04-2016)
Relay intervals training with Karl and Martin but in easy speed. Microsprint addition at nr 9. Good and stable execution except fo...
Control picking Høiås (31-03-2016)
Control picking at clubtraining without markings. Tough to keep concentration high all the way. Problems with my compass, otherwis...
Control picking Tveteskogen (23-03-2016)
Good training for in and out of controls, but I exaggerated the clipping of circles and lines a bit...
Long legs Hauglund (23-03-2016)
Long legs Hauglund, check of the markings for HSK's WOC package with Thomas. Was leading to the even controls, Thomas to the odd o...
Momentbana Kasen (23-02-2016)
Terça-Feira 23 Fevereiro 2016
Control picking, compass/bare rock understanding-exercise and microsprint in Kasen. Good work until after the last valley where I ...
Sunday afternoon run Akselås (21-02-2016)
Enjoyed a very nice course on Akselås by Thomas in late afternoon sun. I think a did a good job also on the long legs through the...
Onsdagsnatt Barrocal (17-02-2016)
Onsdagsnatt Portugal edition. Good first part, struggling with with the map in the end.
Downhill-/Slope O Cabeca Velha (17-02-2016)
Good execution of a nice exercise!
Multitechnique Barrocal (16-02-2016)
Multitechnique training with Partner exercise (with Mathieu), memory, circle and compass.
O Intervals Lapa (16-02-2016)
Terça-Feira 16 Fevereiro 2016
O Intervals in fast and rocky terrain. First interval "shadowing" Olav, then on my own. Good flow and still a good speed towards t...
Corridor Couço (15-02-2016)
Segunda-Feira 15 Fevereiro 2016
Corridor in dusk. Less precise than I thought during the training...
Long Sao Bartolomeu (15-02-2016)
Nice long distance training. Could keep the focus until the very end with quite a good training speed. Only some weaker phase duri...
Fonte Ruivo MD Night O (14-02-2016)
Nice "cool down" after NAOM in much more runnable terrain :-)
Lapa Line O (12-02-2016)
Sexta-Feira 12 Fevereiro 2016
Line O after Control picking. Brain was getting even more tired, so I had to focus even harder. Not successfull all the time...
Lapa Postplukk (12-02-2016)
Sexta-Feira 12 Fevereiro 2016
Control picking training before first NAOM competition. Already a bit tired in my head but still stable orienteering.
Multiteknikk Carapinha (11-02-2016)
Nice terrain but quite easy with fast ground and good visibility. Thus I did some special exercises like not running along the pur...
Quinta das Lavandas MD (11-02-2016)
Nice and challenging middle distance in high speed. Tried to take much time reading the map before running. Managed quite well in ...
Lapas Middle distance (10-02-2016)
First training in Portugal TC. Good control and took the time I needed, maybe even more. But almost perfect orienteering that way,...
Compass exercise Teveteskogen (02-02-2016)
Short compass exercise, unfortunately I forgot the north lines, so I was taking the paper edge to 1 and 2 leading to wrong directi...
Control picking Tveteskogen (02-02-2016)
Control picking on the most western hill. Basically good and focused training, but still some problems with the compass when it is...
Momentbana Iddefjordsfjella (01-02-2016)
Nice and challenging Mtk. Good orienteering in the stony areas even if it was very slow. Was surprised to be able to orienteer so ...
TTT O intervaller Prestenbakke S rerun (30-01-2016)
O intervals with Vegard. Rerun of an old TTT training. We alternated being chased by each other with 30s gap. Good performance o...
Fredagsnatt Hauglund (29-01-2016)
Was VIP guest at fredagsnatt of our juniors :-) Massstart, no forking, so much "hanging" in the beginning, following Peter in the...
TTT långa sträckor Håkenby rerun (29-01-2016)
Very nice terrain, old map but still very good. Solid technical execution from start to finish!
Höiås Downhill (28-01-2016)
Very difficult night training without controls. Running down always gets you read the map less frequently. Some mistakes in the sl...
Berg kirke O Intervaller (28-01-2016)
Nice to run orienteering after the snow gone :-) Plan was to take the time needed but in the first part the terrain tempted to go...
Postplukk Kjeøya (16-01-2016)
Bra genomförande förutom nr 1 (målestokk) och 19 (sten som inte är på kartan längre upp)
Minikontrollplock Höiås (14-01-2016)
Lite nattteknik i snön med -15° och utan kompass: en stor utmaning, men jättefint.
Postplukk 100 (12-01-2016)
Terça-Feira 12 Janeiro 2016
Fint postplukk, räckte tyärr inte till hela banan pga snön. Bra fokus hela vägen. Lite konstigt runt nr 30.
Onsdagsnatt rerun Prestebakke N (08-01-2016)
Intagning av kontrollerna från Onsdagsnatt i slutet av november. Har inte hittat 7an och 10an i snön och såg 14 först i andra ...
Postplukk Iddefjordfjella (08-01-2016)
Sexta-Feira 8 Janeiro 2016
Krävande kontrollplock med lite problem i början med målestokk (7500): sprang för långt till 1 och 2, märkte det först till...